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Armed with her voice, a ukulele orchestra, a band of misfit musicians and a trusty pineapple shaker, this Montreal-based musician has a knack for bringing large crowds to a complete silence. With her enticing melodies and ethereal voice, Monika has been known to forge bonds of unbreakable quirkiness with her audiences. Our intrepid hero’s weapon of choice: the Ukulele – it was love at first sight, a tag team only bested by the Quebec delicacy of fries, cheese curds and gravy. This seemingly harmless instrument may be underrated, but those who have been exposed to its amiable sound, its range
and its versatility know that it holds little to no bounds.

The nineteen year old Canadian made her first appearances last year alongside the Ukulele Club of Montreal at a TEDx conference and at the Montreal Uke Fest. She will be performing this summer at many festivals both Canadian and international, namely the One Man Band Festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Glass Butter Beach festival.

Her debut EP, Pineapple Shakes, will have you put into a trance from the first note to the last. Classical pianist, vocalist and composer by nature, Monika brings a hint of the unexpected to her ukulele-based indie-folk tunes as she blends her classical training with a more contemporary and minimalist sound.

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