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Early Bird Tickets 2015

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A limited number of tickets for Glass Butter Beach 2015 will go onsale at less than 2014 prices at 8am on Friday 28th November.

Also, if you get on the case & set yourself up for dawn patrol to be first to get tickets when they go live at 8am then you can also get free upgrades & gifts. Just be ready for when ticket lines open & the online box office opens. This will include VIP upgrades, T-shirts, hoodies, surf lessons & even a couple of back stage passes are out in the line up for someone’s early Christmas present!

For 2015 we’ll be operating a Tiered system for tickets, so the earlier you get yours the cheaper you’ll get them for. But the early birds are the one’s not to miss and the only time you’ll have the opportunity to get them for less than 2014 prices. There’s a limited number available so don’t wait and miss out.

For further information, more offers and prizes, sign up for the GBB newsletter on the home page.

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