Glass Butter Beach hosts one of the world’s most progressive events and biggest titles on the wakeboard calendar, the GBB QUADRA CROWN. A cutting edge competition covering all 4 disciplines of the sport with a £10,000 prize fund. (more)

3 x World Cable Wake Champion James Windsor (Aus) is the current champion with Sam Carne & Dan Nott taking the other podium spots.


One of the most anticipated events on the world wakeboard calendar with a floodlit purpose built course set into Abersoch Inner Harbour on the high tide. It uses the Sesitec System 2.0 cable with a mix of monster obstacles constructed for the pro riders to go big right infront of the thousands that surround the course. (more)

Glass Butter Beach 2016


Using the huge wake of the Nautique G23, riders will be launching themselves 10ft+ into the air performing inverts and spins, sticking grabs whenever possible. The event takes place in Pwllheli’s North Quay which provides ideal flat water and perfect viewing points to watch the riders compete.



Located in the heart of the festival site, this 200,000 gallon structure is the dream playground for the world’s most progressive wakeboarders and the best way to get within meters of the action. Riders set-off along the first pool that’s raised 10ft off the ground, they use the rails & ramps to slide or jump across a 20 foot gap, landing in the second pool.



An all or nothing event with riders using a kicker that boosts them up to 20 feet in the air to then perform inverts & spins. Big tricks, big crashes!



Glass Butter Beach isn’t just about watching the pros showcase their sport at the highest level, we created the festival to give you the chance to ‘HAVE A GO’ as well. Using the best equipment and receiving tuition from some of the sports top coaches & athletes you can get involved & become a legend!

Make sure you’ve bought your festival pass in order to be able to book any of the wakeboard & surf lessons when they go live.

Festival Site 5 Photo Jake Lewis

Have A Go wakeboard session announcements will be made soon after the next festival date is released

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