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When it comes to the drum & bass circuit, Utah Jazz is indeed a rare breed. Bearing a true love for both DJing and the studio, 2008 saw him fully emerge as a pioneer on both fronts, representing on some of the top labels in the game including V Recordings, Good Looking and Hospital.

With his name behind the legendary, It’s A Jazz Thing, Utah’s debut album and the following drops Vintage and Groove Therapy, the d&b dynamo has utilised a full cross-over of followers from around the world, formulating himself a global dancefloor to soak in a stock of soul-drenched fusions. Current day and Utah Jazz has Mixmag’s album of the month;

Utah Jazz – Portfolio – Spearhead Recordings
*Liquid deliciousness for the heartstrings

The Jazz returns with album No. 4 and a feast for fans of classic liquid-funk elegance which darts in and out of the d’n’b borderlands. From goosebumpy, slender vocal piano ballads (‘Walk Away’) to celestial 150bpm rolling old-skool dancefloor voyages (‘Love Everlasting’), the sound palette is a little deeper and warmer than before, with the kind of oceanic bassline rushes and crisp rolling liquid snares (‘January Silence’ ‘Clarity of Thought’) that will delight Technimatic and Spectrasoul fans. Jazz’s trademark interludes pop up throughout – miniature patchworks taking in blues, jazz and instrumental cuteness – but the album also shades into new experimental territory. The disrupted percussion on ‘Life Your Life’ – which trips and stumbles along above effortlessly rich strings and organic bass pluckings – reminds us of Lynx’s off-kilter brilliance, and suggests there’s yet more to come from a delightfully trend-proof producer.

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