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GBB Commitment Ticket button 2016

Details of Glass Butter Beach 2016 will be announced in November

Commitment Tickets will be available soon after.
Be the first to commit to Glass Butter Beach 2016 and get your tickets at the best price as well as bagging yourself a great gift too.
Glass Butter Beach is set to be bigger and better in 2016. We’ve already got a lot in the pipeline to develop the festival next year. Bigger acts, more activities, better camping facilities and a surge of creativity for everyone to enjoy.
Full details and 2016 Tiered Ticket prices will be available very soon and you’ll get a good idea of how committing to GBB16 early will benefit you. We’ve got Hoodies, T-shirts, lanyards and we’re even going to upgrade the first 5 ticket purchases to VIP.

     Ticketmaster GBB button175

LOCAL OUTLETS (from Mon 4th April 2016)
OFFAXIS (Abersoch),  COASTAL CULTURE (Abersoch),  RED1 (Pwllheli),  HUWS GRAY (Pwllheli), INFORMATION CENTRE (Pwllheli), INFORMATION CENTRE (Porthmadog)

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