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We’ve got an outstanding mix of mouth watering foodies at GBB15. We’ve worked hard all year hand picking the best food traders who are just that little but more quirky, and take extra pride in how they look and what they offer. It means you’re not just getting the standard festival food but a whole variety of delicious offerings by food connoisseurs who look great, cook to the highest standard and have a lot of fun at the same time.

We’ve got cooking demos from the widely renowned & hilarious ‘Camp Cooks’ who have brushed with the stars on many occasions. Main demos are at 2pm and 5pm each day.

There’s a whole variety of scrumptious wraps, pizza’s, noodle dishes, burgers, chilli, vegetarian dishes and so much more on offer.

We’ve got Italian, Indian, Mexican, Haiiawan, and so many more nationalities of great foods. We’ve got Shabbanakle and their speciality Crempogs & cakes, Jiggery Pokery 1950’s ice cream van, Hedonist Bakery with fresh breads and pastries for the campsite. La Bonne Crepe offers mouth watering, you’ve guest it, crepes! ‘Bean There Drunk That’ specialises in coffee’s teas and juices and so many more to ensure your festival is a satisfying experience for your taste buds.

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