NYTCLUB is an Electronic Pop band originating from Liverpool, UK that formed in 2015. Consisting of Adam James (Vocals), Peter Gebbie (Guitar), Nick Iatridis-Jones (Bass) and Dave Ormsby (Drums), the band combine R&B flavours with huge synths and anthemic choruses. NYTCLUB are currently touring the UK.

​”If they keep churning out anthemic hits like this, we see extremely exciting accolades for them in the near future” – AMBY​

“Get ready to travel to planet Euphoria with NYTCLUB. Neon pop thrills a plenty.” – Breaking More Waves

“Big, juicy electronic beats served with resonating focus and steadfast character” – EQ Music Blog

“Anthemic in stature, NYTCLUB don’t disappoint” – Young & Aspiring “NYTCLUB are destined for the radio” – Inthejunkyard Music

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