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Where to start on Mr Nick Davies, World Champion, European Champion on both boat and cable, first rider to land a Raley 7, first UK rider to get a signature Pro model with an international brand…. shall we continue.

With Nick being so high profile you will probably know more about him than anyone else on the team, and that is the first thing we stress on his profile, yes Nick is a superstar on the world biggest wake talents, but he just considers himself another member of Team Reem. Find another sport in the world where the World Champion will rock up to our demo days and work his ass of with the rest of the team putting up the tents and flags. It is a huge credit to Mr Davies that despite his massive success he is just another one of the guys at the cable!

As 2010 came to an end Nick was hit with a massive blow to his sky rocketing career, injury! Up until he blew his knee in Dubai, Nick had seen all the riders around him fall to injuries but he had seemed invincible, that was all over now! Check out to see the full details in Nicks road back to fitness.

So back to the positive, Nick is now back in action, as we write this he is at Hip-Notics working hard on his new tricks for the 2012 season, as well as running a training camp for those wannabe pros at the cable site in Turkey.
For 2012 Nick is back and back in force, with a full range from Mystic including 3 suits, a vest, and multiple bags, from his board brand Hyperlite have tweaked the Process and added an awesome new graphic. Then to add the cherry on top, Nick is set to get his first set of signature System boots launched in the coming year.
So looking forward to 2012, you should see Nick rocking the WWA tour in the USA, Wakestock better watch out as the Champion of 2009 is back, Europeans and Worlds are also in the firing line and who knows what list of titles Nick can rack up!

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