Megan Dixon Hood combines haunting melodies with ethereal lead vocals. Her broad musical background reverberates through her songs, delivering atmospheric, spine tingling melodies with creative, yet heartfelt lyrics.

Coming off the back of a string of festivals including Liverpool Sound City, 2000 Trees, Glass Butter Beach, and Berlin’s Trummern und Traumen festival, Megan has achieved success with her acclaimed first single “Early Morning Riser”. After catching the attention of BBC Radio 2’s Weekend Wogan Show, it received plaudits from within the industry including winning “Single of the Year” at the Staffordshire and Cheshire Music awards.

More recently Rag N Bone Man invited Megan to join him on his sell out Manchester gig.

Caffe Nero have also discovered Megan’s atmospheric music choosing two of her songs to be played daily through every store worldwide.

“We can see her going far” Clash Magazine “A name to keep an eye out for” MUK Records

“Dixon Hood’s tracks are spellbinding haunting and heartfelt” The Music Brewery

“Scoring heavily in the hairs on-the-back-of-your neck stakes” Manchester Evening News

“Powerful emotion-Inducing lyrics in her following songs ‘Siren’ and finally ‘With Time’ roundd off an incredible set” Rag ’n’ Bone Man – Jan 2016

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