LOGO TEMPATE (Ben ben@sensationgroup.com's conflicted copy 2016-04-13)


I’m quite daring in my nature. I like to compete and strive to be the best. Everyone can to some degree, in different ways. I’m opposed to a lot of things as well. I like to voice my opposition. I hold very strong beliefs. I feel like music these days is very cheap, very bland. For me it’s to try and put a bit of life and meaning into it. Some depth.”
I don’t have an agenda. I don’t have one specific goal. There are a lot of problems. I can raise awareness of them and I’d be willing to do whatever it takes to solve them. I’d like to stand next to people – not in front or behind him but next to them. Try and bring some truth to what’s going on.”
It’s just candy at the minute – you eat it and then it’s gone. It doesn’t mean anything. I want a proper meal. A roast dinner. I want to walk away feeling stuffed.”  – Louis Berry


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