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We are in an age where anything is possible. In style and fashion, music and culture, no stone is left unturned. No avenue unexplored, remixed, modified or re-styled. However, the journey to where we are now, the journey our predecessors took is set in stone. Certain individual paths or movements, have laid down the foundation for what we know and love.

Introducing The Hidden Roots stage, where the old school rules, retro is on the stereo. Showcasing older genres and jives, that have paved the path for today’s music styles is what we celebrate. The foundations, or the roots of music, is our passion. Exploring these genres, takes us back half a century and more. We aim to delve into the past footprint, our musical imprint, and feel what those gone before us have felt. The raw energy and emotion, the hardship and often suffering that’s captured in these musical styles, as well as the positivity and sense of unity is what excites us all. Expect to hear Reggae, Ska, Hip Hop and world music. Affro Beat to Drum and Bass, Jungle and Dub. Folk and Blues, Funk and Soul. Whatever your musical taste, there will be a fine blend of something to take your fancy, get you dancing, and set off the party….
Keeping the authentic vibes going, The Hidden Roots stage will be a vinyl lovers dream, with a strong emphasis on the old school turntables and mixer setup. Inviting some of the best record collections (and their owners!) in the country to come along and share the vibe.

The music itself will be played through a combination of two local original hand built sound systems. This in its self to many is an art form; a form of creative expression, where we see, even way back in the 50’s and 60’s, electronics was influencing music in terms of speaker building, amplifier modification and effects. Engineered for the listeners pleasure and the music in mind; There is no greater way to listen and really feel the grooves of this often bass heavy music.

Alongside celebrating this era of music, we feel we need to support and give back to our roots. This we’ll achieve by giving local dj’s a platform to play and perform. Expect an eclectic mix of turntablism, from old-time veterans to youth man dj’s and selectors, artists who are currently beginning their long and exciting musical journey to ones that have been making the musical pilgrimage for decades . We aim to give them the best chance to pave a solid and crucial path onwards and upwards, and at the same time keep you all full to the brim with timeless tunes and classic styles.

Find the stage and be warned, you may not want to leave!

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