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For something different to bring to your party, look no further than ‘Jon Connor’.  A man who lives and breathes techno, making his mark internationally with many accomplishments and a huge devotion to the genre to go with it.  Hailing from Wales, he is regarded as a shining light in the resurgence of underground techno, a purist crusading against the soulless watered down modern interpretation of the genre that is often regarded by many as authentic.

Having DJ’d and produced for 15 years, breaking into the UK Warehouse rave scene in 1995, it didn’t take long for Jon to become famed around the country with his energetic and cutting edge sets, seeking the most underground white labels, and lesser known B Sides, ever concentrating on a floor shaking meticulous groove.

A residency soon followed at the legendary North night, which was the first night to bring some of the highest regarded international techno DJs and producers to the UK.  With Jon spinning alongside Andreas Kraemer, Kay D Smith, Marco Cucchia, Joy Kitikonti and numerous others.  In 2001, Jon’s DJing prowess lead to him being crowned the Turntable Champion at a North event, which lead to him receiving an award at the Welsh Music Awards.

No stranger to the studio, and with aliases ‘Lundstram’ and ‘Code Breaker’ to concentrate in other aspects of Electronic Music, Jon has released on various international labels such as Subcult, Technodrome, Central Music, Valvula, Choooose and Supertech, to name but a few.  As well as this he has frenetically toured many countries and entertained crowds at some of the biggest events and festivals Europe has to offer.

2016 sees him launch his Bubble Jam events brand and concept with a Record Label to follow.  Keep an eye out and be sure to check out one of the most dedicated techno enthusiasts the UK has to offer!

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