JKLMNO, from Wrexham, North Wales have previously recorded 3 EPs and various singles since their inception in 2008. And successes of these EPs have seen them achieve festival appearances at T in the Park, Benicassim and more; airtime on Radio 1, 6music, Wales, regional, amazing radio, podcasts and internet stations around the world and tracks have also been synchronized with Hollyoaks and Alisports.

Between the Devil and the Sea is the first of two singles JKLMNO recorded at Attica Audio Recording Studio with Tommy McLaughlin (Villagers).

The track is an internal monologue of a man struggling to choose between two fates, both potentially damaging, both certainly life-changing.

Between the Devil and the Sea is the first recording of the band since 2012 when they released Heal / Where Sorrow Lays as a handmade Double A side single, drawing plaudits from 6music, their Native BBC Wales and James Dean Bradfield – who described the track as a ‘beautiful drifting melancholia’.

Adam Walton debuted the new single on BBC Radio Wales – describing it as ‘monumental…big music with big meaning…damn, damn, damn, good.”

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