Islet are sonic adventurers from Wales. Their reputation for fearlessness has been built on their extraordinary live shows, blurring the boundaries between stage and surrounding environment with their explosive performances. From the group’s inception in Cardiff in 2009 they resolved to be a band without rules, where anything is possible. Each member is malleable, switching instruments and approach to better serve the emotional tone of each track.

The love that they have received since forming has much to do with their single-minded attitude and independent ethics; running Shape Records, their own record label; publishing zines and disseminating them for free at live performances; and organising cross-artform gigs and festivals.

Their latest release, 2013’s ‘Released By The Movement’ saw Islet work with former Shape Records labelmate, Welsh musician/producer Stephen Black (aka Sweet Baboo), recording stream-of-consciousness sonic journeys alongside unruly maximalist adventures.

Islet are Emma Daman Thomas, Mark Daman Thomas, John (JT) Thomas & Alex Williams.

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