Quality Sound System specialising in DJ based nights focusing on Hip Hop, Drum n Bass and Reggae. Often found out in and around Bangor or the Llanberis Valley.Hi::Def have a quality team around them to ensure their events are some of the best around. To ensure they have the bass you need in your life they are teamed up with the Hi::def Sound System, KROOKED and FREEDOM Sound System.

Working together we have brought such artists to you as: Lynx, Dr Syntax, Stig of the Dump, Dabbla, Run Tingz Cru, Ghetto Funk with Bobby C Sound TV & B-Side, Dubphizix, Strategy, Buggsy, Chanter and Dandelion, Singer Blue, JFB, SixAM, Congo Dubz with Nanci & Phoebe and Mark XTC. The year ahead is also looking good for you with a host of new top name artists to bring!

::definition nights are an opportunity to run & bounce to some of the largest and bassiest sounds from reggae to jungle, D’n’B and hip hop… and we roll with a splash of turntable scratch magic, the type of which we don’t hear too often round here.

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