Hailing from Swansea South Wales, Geraint Rhys is an up and coming artist with a lot to say. Merging his own social commentary with personal experience, his lyrics are poignant and powerful. His reflective approach to song writing leaves no stone unturned as he touches upon subjects as diverse as politics, culture, power and history, to love, hate, lust and greed. By doing so he is producing a political pop music which is a lyrically subtler version of the Manic Street Preachers and the Smiths but as intricate and thought provoking.Reggae, folk, rock and pop influences stream through his music where he mixes his messages with memorable melodies. This combined with a soulful and powerful voice has produced a serious artist with a clear message of intent which sounds like a mixture between Frank Turner, The Police and Jeff Buckley.

His first self-released single ‘Think Again’ has been regularly played on BBC Radio Wales where he was featured as Welsh Artist of the week performing live sessions on air, and has been included on BBC Radio 6 Tom Robinson’s mix tape and the Fresh on the Net Pick & Mix. It has also been played regularly on Nation and Amazing Radio.

His second self-released single in the Welsh Language ‘Ble Mae’r Haul? (Where’s the Sun?)” has been regularly played on BBC Cymru and has earned him a few performances on Welsh Language TV Channel S4C.

He has recently self-released his third single ‘Take your Time’ and is looking forward to releasing his debut album ‘All That is Left is Us’ in 2014.

He has been gigging mainly around South Wales in numerous festivals including Gwyl Pili Pala Fest, Glastnost, Freeforall Fest, How The Light Gets in Festival, Focus Wales and Many others. Other Venues he he played at include Cardiff’s Millennium Centre, Gwdihw Cardiff and has also had the pleasure of playing a gig for the lovely people of Girona in  Catalunya.

About his music Geraint Rhys says “I think that mainstream music can ask big questions without having to reduce itself to sex or boasting about how much money or material possessions someone has. Because of this I’m trying to create a political pop music which is organic, exciting, and likeable. I am also trying to show that people can be creative with little or no money by producing and releasing self-made music videos with South Wales based director Simon Bartlett. The music I produce is very much a reflection of what I listen to which is quite diverse so when I play live I play with my band ‘The Lost Generation’ and try to put as much energy into my performances as all the artists I admire did and still do. I will always argue that music should make people think, but I also want them to dance too.”

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