The Bristol lyricist on a Dubwise tip.

Gardna has been embraced throughout the UK Bass scene for his heavyweight live performance where he flows over a concoction of traditional Reggae and Dub vibes propelled by a variety of current break-neck beats.

After several years of having to use fake ID to enter clubs to perform, Gardna has gained his pass into the UK nightlife but is still a young talent. Despite this he has shelled it down at some of the biggest events in Europe with highlights being Outlook Festival, Boomtown Fair and Tokyo Dub.

His music is a combination of styles that are born from sound system culture. He works with a variety of producers, from fellow Bristol resident Dr Meaker to Polish Reggae/Dancehall don Dreadsquad, and writes sharp, conscious lyrics with an infectious, melodic flow.

Aside from his ambitions as a songwriter and solo performer, Gardna takes centre stage as host for headline DJ sets, being a favourite for Aries, RackNRuin, Riddim Tuffa and Jinx in Dub.

As time goes by, more and more opportunities are opening up with many collaborations in the pipeline so the sky is the limit for the Bristol underground’s most talented Dubwise MC.

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