For the past ten years Ennio Maccaroni has been bringing the Caribbean mashup vibe to clubs, pubs, parties and festivals as far afield as Borth, Blaenau and Pennabilli. Originally (and still) a dubwize producer and musician, Ennio Maccaroni began DJing on a regular basis when he first became involved with Aberystwyth based reggae promoters – Backbeating Sounds – and their possibly legendary weekly reggae nights.Ennio’s Dub / Ska / Reggae / Calypso / Funk / Breaks / Jungle background is always evident in what he plays, and his DJ sets are unpigeongholeable. His own productions (many released on the Super Mango and Candy Reggae labels) range from Breakbeat-Ska and Trojan-Mashup to Calypso-Jungle and Dub, which he augments with selections from his record collection – always dance floor friendly, and never mainstream.

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