Dantevilles are a fresh-faced, four-piece from Manchester, redefining the sound of the red-brick capital of the North with their uplifting, danceable alternative pop. Clean, canny guitars and falsetto vocals never compete for space in their unshakable arrangements. Dantevilles are as sharp as they are raw.

“All executed with spitting-cobra precision” ­ NME

All four members were striving to form new music when in 2014 they became acquainted and Dantevilles formed. Dantevilles moved in together and began writing songs and recording demos. Their first gig was at Night & Day Café, Manchester in October 2014 where attention was immediately drawn.

“A joyful fusion that is uplifting, intelligent and danceable” ­ Backseat Mafia

A year on, the swoon-some foursome are already selling out small venues in the northwest, gaining support from BBC Introducing as well as noticeable fan Tom Ogden from Stockport-band Blossoms:

“It’s not often you come across a band and instantly think I’m into this;. It was the hook in the chorus that did it for me.”

With Dantevilles now having their second EP ‘Calm Before The Storm’ under their belts, the band have big summer ahead in lead-up to the release of their new single ‘Perfect Place’.

Jamie Gallagher –Vocals/Guitar

Connor McNicholas – Vocals/Bass

Paul Tanton – Guitar

Cory Devine – Drums

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