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Cara Braia is a Singer, Songwriter, Pianist, and Rapper from North Wales, UK. Her latest Welsh release ‘Maent yn Dweud’ (And they say) is available to download from ITunes and other stores in Welsh and in English and was chosen as ‘BBC Track of the Week’ on BBC Radio Cymru.

Cara’s music is played on BBC Radio, Heart FM and other stations around the world due to her international collaberations with other artists. Her passion for songwriting began at the age of 16 and since then she has collaborated with many artists from different cultural backgrounds and countries including; Australia, France, Poland, Germany, Africa, UK and the US.

Cara has not only developed herself as an artist but also as an actress having appeared on many television programs, soaps and has performed live on Welsh TV. Cara Braia recently won the ‘Talent House Peoples Choice award’ after re-interpreting a song by the ‘Kinks’. Since then she has received a great following on twitter and other social network sites and continues to work hard to bring her followers new music.

Cara Braia is currently working on her album ‘Deja Vu’ which she hopes to release late Summer 2014.

Cara Braia developed a love for performing at the young age of two when she started ballet and tap lessons in her local dance school. Cara’s first time performing on stage was at the age of four, and was given her first major role of ‘Dorothy’ (Wizard of Oz) at the age of nine. Shortly after turning nine years old, Cara began performing in gigs around Gwynedd, North Wales; singing operatic songs with a classically trained group called ‘Reflections’. From then on Cara’s passion grew even further and so did her determination to succeed in the arts. If you would like to contact Cara Braia for signed CD’s, bookings, collaborations or general enquiries please use the contact form via the contact tab. Alternatively follow or contact Cara through her social networking pages.

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