Bruja are a Grunge-Pop three piece from Barnsley, Yorkshire, who are signed to Damnably records alongside Shonen Knife and Wussy.’The sound of disaffected youth from Barnsley” Steve Lamacq

“…constantly flipped between dark and light, heavy and soft and used atmospheric and often whispered female and male vocals to full effect; one minute sounding like Melvins or Sabbath, the next Violent Femmes or The Pixies.” Louderthanwar (New Artist of the Day)

“…the band trade in a style of energetic, sludge punk that makes the South Yorkshire trio feel like some great lost 90s Sub Pop band. Wadsworth’s vocals are the cool calm underneath the wall of feedback and Bleach-like riffs provided by guitarist Giannis Kipreos. There’s a real appreciation for melodic, fuzzy grunge-pop here, handed out in addictive three minute packages. Bruja are the band you wish you were in.” Soundblab

“…rich in groove, power, and melody. Even if you’re overly familiar with this kind of sound, there’s something irresistible about Bruja. The relentless beats and the jellied guitars make the record lively and fun…” VOXX

“LOVING the Grungey vibes from Bruja” BBC Introducing

“I have to say both times I have seen them now I’ve thought to myself how much drummer Zach reminds me of Animal
from The Muppets with his frenetic drumming style. And I mean that as a compliment.” Morphettes

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