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After years spent in bands and experimenting with multiple instruments, Bodhi was formed after Luke and Olly met clubbing in their hometown of Cardiff. Beginning with a slew of edits (The XX, Sampha) and releases on Ten Thousand Yen, Future Classic, Exploited, Rinse and more, the Bodhi name has begun to demand close attention. Along with the aforementioned releases there has also been ongoing mainstream support from Radio 1 who playlisted ‘My City’ a collaboration with Brit nominated George The Poet.The boys seamlessly channel the sounds of uplifting, dusty house with a love of classic analogue gear into the sleekest forms of modern dance music; their enchanting, dancefloor-ready vibe has gained support from some of the biggest producers and selectors around the globe.

The Bodhi name continues to grow from strength to strength amongst a thriving electronic scene in their hometown. This has led to the launch of a Bodhi fronted club night called ‘Roots’ featuring close friends and collaborators as well as more established guests.

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