Big sound. Big Dubs.

The Big.Bad.Soundsystem. project (or B.B.S. for short) is a collaboration between Boom Sound label bosses Luke ‘Gardna’ Gardiner and Adam ‘ASBO Disco’ Crawford. It’s name was taken from an early Gardna track with Parly B called Big Bad Sound and the vibe was caught by Luke and Adam’s performances together over the Summer of 2015.

The project is a melting pot of Dub, Reggae, Bass music and Jungle Drum & Bass; soundsystem stylee. For a flavour of what they are offering, the Big.Bad.Soundsystem. mix is a must listen and is available for download here; https://soundcloud.com/gardna/the-asbo-disco-ft-gardna-big-bad-sound-system-mix

Gardna’s work of recent includes colabs with Ed West, YT, Tiffani Juno and Kreed, whereas Adam is one of Bristol’s true selectors having held residencies there over the last 10 years.

Expect upfront, unreleased dubs, rib-crushing subs and big bad vibes throughout.

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