All four members of A Thousand Years ( Bryn, Ben, Charlie & Fred) have a long music history having played separately in many different bands and projects, covering an eclectic mix of genres, for over a decade.
Their shared passion for music lead them to where they are now and in ‘A Thousand Years’ their different playing styles slot together and create something they really enjoy performing, and hope others will have the same enjoyment as listeners.

Over the last couple of years they’ve been working (and playing) very hard, putting in countless hours of practice and are well known for having sets that can last several hours. They’ve been playing regular shows locally and have had a couple of festival appearances (Including Main Stage at Glass Butter Beach 2015 and Rock The Farm) with a few more on the horizon. Soon the band hope to venture further afield, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground for information on upcoming shows and events in a town near you!

In March 2015 the boys went in to the studio to record their 10 track debut album “This Is How It Happened…” Recorded and produced at Mwnci Studios by Rob Jones, mixed by Jethro Chaplin and Mastered by Tim Turan at Turan Audio.

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