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header Harbour ProjectThe Glass Butter Beach Harbour Project saw thousands pack into the most beautiful natural wakeboard park to watch a night time floodlit showcase of some of the best riders in Europe hit the purpose build ramps & rails In Abersoch Inner Harbour.

As part of the festival, the GBB Harbour Project has instantly become a huge hit and offered the most unique setting for this outrageous 90 minute spectacle. It took 15 people a week to build including the Rydium cable that spanned the full length of Abersoch’s Inner Harbour and attracted some of the world’s best wakeboarders who specialise in rails & kickers.

6 obstacles were built, spread out across the course & meant the thousands of spectators were able to get close up to the action & appreciate how insane these guys are.

A huge thanks goes out to all the land owners that allowed us to make this event happen, and to Offaxis, Rydium Cable Technologies & Hybrid Wakeboard Magazine who worked their a**es off to build the course & make it all happen.

The GBB Harbour Project next year takes place from 7:30pm – 9:30pm on Thursday 13th August 2015 and we will make sure Goldierocks is allowed to DJ next year!!

GBB Harbour Project12 PicRickMilnesGBB Harbour Project15 Pic.TotallyAbersochGBB Harbour Project16 Pic.TotallyAbersochGBB Harbour Project13 Pic.TotallyAbersochGBB Harbour Project11 Pic.TotallyAbersochGBB Harbour Project Pic.TotallyAbersochGBB Harbour Project9 Pic.TotallyAbersochGBB Harbour Project14 PicRickMilnesGBB Harbour Project29 Pic.TotallyAbersochGBB Harbour Project4 Pic.TotallyAbersochGBB Harbour Project23 Pic.TotallyAbersochGBB Harbour Project19 Pic.TotallyAbersoch

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